Welcome to the Office for Accessible Education

The Office for Accessible Education (OAE) works to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to the Loyola campus at large, including the physical environment and university-sponsored programs, services and activities. Through collaboration with the institution's diverse community, Accessible Education facilitates accommodations, discourse, and engagement to promote a universally accessible learning environment for all. 

An important movement is underway for OAE to reframe its role and become a model of universal design and the social response to disability. We shift the disability paradigm from the medical model to the social model of disability through the promotion of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which is a set of principles for curriculum development to include all students regardless of exceptionality. The core notion of UDL is that learner variability is the norm and it means the difference between proactive instructional design and reactive accommodations. We believe the application of the social model and UDL has the potential to transform our University and create accessible and inclusive learning environments, which gives all students equal opportunities to learn, regardless of disability status. 

Students who are interested in receiving additional support through our office should contact us for more information.